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Build your helicopter home simulator in ½ day!

InterSim is a realistic flight simulation environment that allows the integration of virtual aircraft models in three dimensions and tactile face-to-face interaction.
This system is an original concept which is a combination of several elements that make it possible and affordable an immersion with maximum realism.
The helicopter models used are the squirrel AS35B3, the Bell 407 or the Hugues 500

InterSim provides a "ready to fly" interactive video system:
• Under Linux with high definition video projection (full-scale)
• With tactile handling specially developped to adapt on our solution
• With a single pilot 5 axes HID USB Helicopter Control Device (Pro Flight Trainer)

The simulation software used is X-plane10, the most advanced flight simulator in the world. See video on Youtube

One of the special features of our simulator is that the video projector located above the pilot allows to be very close to the screen (about 60 cm) and the 16:9 view goes down to its feet, Which is very realistic in helicopter; The possible shadows are not disturbing even for tactile touch

The projection is made on a smooth straight white wall or a rigid screen and also on the integrated passive tactile support placed horizontally or inclined.
The touch screen is about 15 inch

Another thing of the system is that a single computer manages the whole of the simulation and in an optimized way.
Like in the real helicopter, the pilot get on his left the touchpad displaying the instruments to perform his actions (buttons, frequency selection, gps setting ...)
We then get a fairly simple simulator and an advanced immersion in a 3D cockpit while reproducing a very realistic flight model.

Moreover, the major advantage of an interactive 3D virtual cockpit is to dispense with any kind of hardware equipment and to achieve a substantial financial saving by acquiring a versatile system which can be adaptable to several aircraft.

The affordability of this system (less than 5000€), its size, design and accuracy can satisfy the requirements of any helicopter (or airplane) pilot that wants to expand its skills using a flight simulator.
It allows to acquire coordination on cyclic/collective rudder for ab initio training, memorization of procedures, emergency procedures training

Main Features
º 16: 9 / 195cm x 140cm High Definition Picture
º Field of view: 70° vertical x 110° horizontal (flat)
º Realistic Down view: if you look at your foots, you will see the ground (runway)
º 30 to 60 fps (Image Refresh Rate)
º Horizontal 15" touch screen & 3D view buttons control (or mouse control)
º Low latency control response thanks to Linux
º front projection
º One video projector required
º projection on smooth rectilinear surface
º floor space required = 2m²

Special features
The video projector, commands, and the tablet are to be fixed by its own means (explanations provided + horizontal wall mount arm in option)


Portait_nicolas_brocI am initially an industrial computer technician who has evolved during my training and my professional career towards the computer engineering (field of administration, support, test)
I wanted to combine my passion for aeronautics and more particularly for Helicopters, so I naturally became interested in simulation.
Starting from the fact that certified flight simulation is sometimes later than leisure one, I quickly turned to x-plane one of the best simulators for helicopters;
I then adapted the installation under linux, environment used in my professional place, to optimize performance and I began full-scale tests in my cellar in 2014, to end to this simple and versatile solution.
You can use AeroConsulting's form contact to get in touch with Nicolas or visit his web site
video on Youtube: