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Management of human factors in aviation

Human factors are part of the aerospace culture and their contribution to flight safety has been widely proven. Moreover, this is a mandatory training required by ICAO since November 1989.

However, if the management of human factors contributes to the security’s level increase, it is also a step forward in the economic performance of the company whether aviation related or not.

In the company, Human Factors, Synergy and economic performance are integrated in the management tasks.
A survey carried out on more than 80 000 employees interviewed over a period of 20 years revealed this:

  • All successful teams are led by managers who implement (often unknowingly) the basic principles of Human Factors,
  • These managers know how to maintain a high quality workplace that promotes synergy,
  • They define clear goals and let their employees deciding how to reach them,
  • They are close to their employees and they know their talents, their strength, their weaknesses,
  • They adapt themselves to the specificities of each individual,
  • They know that each of us own one or more talents for one or more positions,

AeroConsulting drives the study of your work environment in order to assess the human factors impact on the economic performance of your company and supports you in the implementation of corrective actions.

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